Facial lipostructure

An ageing face will become hollow and lose volume: the fat either accumulates in the lower parts of the jowls which causes heaviness, or the fat disappears little by little everywhere which hollows the middle third of the face, both of which have a considerable ageing effect on the face. Lipostructure of the face is the solution for this.

Lipostructure consists in filling the hollow zones with micro fat grafts taken from various parts of the body where an excess exists.
Remodelling of the face is a meticulous process which requires perfect knowledge of its anatomy and an undeniable sense of artistry.


A small amount of the patient’s own fat is taken from a zone where an excess exists (the stomach, for instance) and is aspired for later injection in the area to be replenished. Once the fat cells are in place, they will remain there thanks to the use of very fine cannulas without risk of rejection or allergies.

Duration of treatment

This is an out-patient procedure which is generally performed under local anaesthetic. It takes 1 to 2 hours according to the areas to be treated.


The effects are proven, reliable and lasting. The face may remain a little swollen for a few days. It occasionally may be necessary after a varying period of time, depending on the area treated and the ageing process, to re-inject a little fat. The treatment may have a tensing effect on the facial skin. If the degree of slackness is extensive, the treatment may be combined with a face-lift.

Price of treatment

Our price list is in swiss francs and indicative. Any medical treatment requires a prior consulting. After the consultation a budget can be defined.
Cosmetic surgery consultation: 300.-


« I can’t stand this tired look anymore. That’s it, I’m having a Thermage done! »

« I was a little stressed the day before, as a friend had told me it was painful. But when I arrived in Matignon in the morning, I was treated like a queen. I was given a fluffy bathrobe, photos were taken and it all happened very smoothly. »


« My secret to keep fit... »

« ...sport three times a week, five fruit and vegetables a day and two yearly stops in Clinique Matignon! »



« For the most part my genetics are good, but I've been noticing that my face is beginning to look tired. I've always used various techniques to take care of my face and I decided to try this treatment after my best friend told me about it. »


« My mom and I do it together, filling our skin stocks of vitamins and hydration »

« We started face and neck mesotherapy three years ago. »


« There’s got to be a way back to my twenties’ cells! »

« I was told about giving my skin a glare by stimulating my own cells, but I had no idea how to get there. »


« Unbelievable! Thirty minutes of laser and I look ten years younger! »

« I’ve been embarrassed about this permanently red nose since the age of thirty. A glass of wine, the slightest emotion, and it would get even worse! My wife had been suggesting laser for a while, but I had imagined something complicated, found a... »


« Long live permanent laser hair removal! Six thirty minute sessions in Matignon, against a lifetime struggling against body hair! »

« Can you believe it! Smooth hairless skin!! Exactly where I spent years extracting hairs, every three weeks, month after month, needless to mention ingrown inflamed hairs. And all of a sudden…absolute luxury… »


« What a pity, a brand new ring on a finger covered in spots! »

« I was always led to believe dark spots of ageing were just the way it had to go, that there was no miracle rubber to erase them. »