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Anti-aging treatments

Time and gravity naturally cause a downward shift of facial volume which is often associated with some hollowing.

Soft lifting

More and more women bothered by a moderate slackening of the face are looking for a gentle, non-surgical solution.

Lip volume

Lip augmentation can noticeably improve the appearance. Aesthetic medicine easily corrects pinched lips, redefines the Cupid’s bow’s curvature and the outline of the lips and replumps them if...


An ageing face will become hollow and lose volume: the fat either accumulates in the lower parts of the jowls which causes heaviness, or the fat disappears little by little everywhere which hollows...

Photorejuvenation and spots

Intense pulsed light (IPL) uses a flash lamp to generate a highly concentrated beam of light which has a thermal effect on the top layer of the dermis.

Smoothing of wrinkless

Prematurely aged skin, or skin highly damaged skin by exposure to the sun is successfully treated by fractional laser. This natural and innovative technique has given a new impulse to...

Skin rehydration

Reduced volumes of intracellular water and oxidative stress to our cells in everyday life (tobacco, sun, pollution, etc.) give the skin a sallow and tired look. Mesotherapy enables rehydration of the...

Medical peelings

The purpose of skin peels is to refresh the complexion by eliminating the dead cells and evening out the complexion. Pigmentation spots are erased and the seborrhoea is regularised, with a...

Wrinkles (botulinum protein)

Botulinum protein is used to erase expression lines. Biodegradable dermal fillers are used to treat deep wrinkles, radial lip lines, nasolabial folds, marionette folds, etc.

Fillers (hyaluronic acid)

Biodegradable fillers (e.g., hyaluronic acid) which last for variable periods of time are used to treat deep wrinkles, peribuccal (lip contours) wrinkles, nasolabial folds, worry lines, etc. This...

Thermalift (facelift without surgery)

A new revolutionary technique exists nowadays to redefine the oval of the face by restoring its firmness and tonicity. Until recently, only surgery could help restore the tautness of the tissue.